3 tubs of L-Arginine Plus™ (90 day supply) – One of each Grape, Lime Lemon and Raspberry Flavours

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L-Arginine Plus ™ now available in the UK is a food supplement that provides a source of vital amino acids and vitamins to help protect the heart and reduce high blood pressure. It uses high quality effective ingredients chosen specifically to help the body in nitric oxide bioavailability. Nitric oxide is one of the most important natural substances our bodies produce to maintain healthy living. By just taking one glass a day mixed with cool mineral water, this great tasting product can protect against more diseases than we know. Each tub contains a full 30 day supply, some benefits include:

better mental clarity – less fatigue – greater endurance – increased ability to exercise – reduction in body fat – increase in lean muscle – better immune function – improved sleep pattern – reduction in wrinkles and cellulite – better skin health – feeling of well-being – higher energy

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